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Diversity in YA Giveaway

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Because I generally keep this blog fairly reviews-only, I have never talked here about how white-centric literature is or how important it is for the books we read to our kids to introduce them to all kinds of people with all kinds of skin colors, sexual orientations, interests, ideas and more. Books help introduce kids to the world around them, and non-white kids need to see themselves in the stories they read and white kids need to read about experiences beyond their own (and so do kids of color! but it’s easier for white kids to only read about white kids).

In an effort to advocate and promote more diversity in reading material for youth, groups have been formed to help bring people’s attention to this issue, including We Need Diverse Books and Diversity in YA. They both have a lot of great resources if you’re looking to expand the diversity in your reading and ways you can help ensure more diverse books keep getting published and read and honored with awards and accolades when they are deserving.

Which brings us to the main point of today’s blog: Diversity in YA is having a MEGA AMAZING Diverse Books Giveaway! Y’all should go enter because they’ve got 100 books to giveaway, and there’s bound to be something you’ve been looking forward to reading!

Lastly, the author Malinda Lo (who wrote Ash, the best lesbian Cinderella you never knew you wanted) has recently posted a great response to the question of why diversity in literature is important:

“Diversity is not important. Diversity is reality. Human beings are not all the same. We come from many different places and have many different identities and experiences. Having only one kind of human being in the stories being told is flat-out bad storytelling. Diversity is reality. Let’s stop erasing that.”


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