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Actual Size by Steve Jenkins

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Image found here

Image found here

Jenkins, S. (2004). Actual Size. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. ISBN: 9780618375943

Annotation: This book shows many of the world’s largest and smallest animals at actual size.

Reaction: This book is great for showing readers how diverse and wonderful the world is. Jenkins uses beautiful, intricate paper collages to present readers with many different large and small animals. The large animals especially stand out, as in order to show the actual size, Jenkins only includes as much as will fit on the page: a giant squid’s eye, an elephants foot, a giant anteater’s tongue. It is somewhat startling to see just how big some of these animals are and how small you are in comparison. The text gives the name of the animal and a fact about them, and at the very end, Jenkins has included an index of the animals, providing a picture and some more information about each of them.

I think readers of all ages would appreciate this book and be amazed at how large a gorilla’s palm is or how small the smallest fish is.

Media Used: Collage of cut and torn paper

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