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Tell Me A Dragon by Jackie Morris


Image from

Image from

Morris, J. (2009). Tell me a dragon. London: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781845075347

Annotation: In this beautiful book, people from all over the world describe their dragons.

Reaction: The art in this is breathtaking. The pictures are beautiful and remind me of Renaissance paintings, full of detail and light. Each dragon has distinct features, unique to the people and places where they belong. Each double page illustration is accompanied by a few lovely lines that tell the reader what kind of dragon they’re looking at and it’s special characteristics. The dragons are caring and playful and warm, and not a one pillages or eats people. These dragons are protectors and friends, and the final pages, with all the dragons grouped together, invites the reader to imagine his or her own dragon.

This book is a total must for fantasy lovers, and I think the final page of “Tell me about your dragon” could foster some really lively imaginative play for children.

Media Used: Watercolors

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2 thoughts on “Tell Me A Dragon by Jackie Morris

  1. Thanks for his lovely review. I love seeing the work that children and adults do inspired by this book. What is great is that it appeals to children who, like me, can’t read very well and allows them to express themselves through pictures. Which is what I did when I was younger and still do.


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