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Carter Finally Get It by Brent Crawford

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Crawford, B. (2009). Carter finally gets it. New York: Hyperion. ISBN: 9781423112471

Annotation: Will Carter is finally starting high school, and he’s determined to be the coolest, strongest, awesome-est dude there, if he can manage to pay attention during football practice and if all the girls in school don’t end up hating him.

Reaction: This book is HILARIOUS. I’m honestly not sure when the last time I laughed so much during a book was. Now, look, Carter is a pretty typical (I assume) fourteen year old boy. He thinks mostly about sex and how he can get a girl to do it with him. I think at his core, he’s a good kid, but he’s still got a lot of growing up to do before he becomes Not a Jerk. But you know what? This book made me think a lot about my own high school experience, and I think it would strike a familiar chord with readers who are currently in high school. Plus, I really enjoyed the peak into the psyche of an adolescent male.

Carter brings humor to all his antics, and I was sitting in the back room at work hoping no one walked back there while I was reading it because I was laughing like a crazy person. One of my friends said that she hopes he does a lot of growing up in the sequels and adjusts his expectations and opinions of women, and I agree that it would be great to see that character growth, as well as give male readers a good example of a regular dude who values and respects women.

This was a fun, quick read and would be great for any young man in high school.

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