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Night Knight by Owen Davey

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Davey, O. (2011). Night knight. Somerville, MA: Templar Books. ISBN: 9780763658380

Annotation: A young knight takes the reader on his adventurous journey toward bedtime.

Reaction: I picked this book up as a possibility for my preschool storytime (pretty much why I pick up an picture books these days), but I kept it because of the beautiful illustrations. As my husband said, it’s just about a boy getting ready for bed, but I love the fantastic journey he has to take to get there. I love the palette of red, yellow and orange that Davey uses in this book. It puts me in mind of sunset and getting ready for bed (which is probably the point). I also love the way Davey incorporates bits of the knight’s house into the world of his quest, tethering the real to the imagined. This book is simple and beautiful and delightful and magical. This would make a fantastic bedtime book for anyone’s little knights, boy or girl.

Media Used: Digital media

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