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I Loathe You by David Slonim

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Image from

Slonim, D. (2012). I loathe you. New York: Aladdin. ISBN: 9781442422445

Annotation: Just how much does Big Monster loathe Little Monster? More than every gross thing and in all possible nasty ways, it turns out.

Reaction: I originally picked this book out for my preschool storytime. I think preschoolers would totally love it…if they got the joke. I think this book would be wonderful one on one or with a small group, where you could explain it a little, but I just don’t think I can do that with my 15 kids. The rhyming text is delightful, full of yucky, nasty gross imagery and accompanying images. I love the colorful illustrations, and Slonim’s depictions of all the ways Big Monster loves Little Monster. It’s a super cute twist to the all the usual “how much do I love you” books. It’s sentimental and affectionate without being overly sappy.

Media Used: Acrylic with charcoal

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