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Seriously, you should totally read this.

Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French

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French, J., & Whatley, B. (ill.) (2003). Diary of a Wombat. New York: Clarion Books. ISBN: 9780618381364

Annotation: When people move in, breaking up Wombat’s regular routine of sleeping, scratching and eating grass, the mischevious Wombat trains them to be the perfect pets.

Reaction: This book is so adorable! The illustrations of the wombat going about her daily life are cute, and I love all the different positions in which she sleeps. This book is pretty repetitive, and I think younger readers would find Wombat’s antics hilarious. The illustrations really make the story: all the chaos caused by Wombat and the people’s reactions to her. I love how serene Wombat is through everything.

I think this would be a fun story time book, that would also introduce a new animal to American kids. Plus, I feel confident that a Wombat puppet exists in the world somewhere.

And apparently, Diary of a Baby Wombat is a thing that exists, which is a thing that I need to read.

Media Used: Acrylic paints

Author’s Website

Illustrator’s Website


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