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Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius by Chris Eliopoulos

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Eliopoulos, C., & Sumerak, M. (2010). Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius: Ultimate Collection. New York: Marvel Worldwide, Inc. ISBN: 9780785149248

Annotation: Franklin Richards is the 10 year old son of The Smartest Man Alive, Reed Richards, and The Invisible Woman, Sue Storm. His parents make up half of the Fantastic Four, and when their attention is occupied with saving the world, Franklin uses his father’s inventions to get into all sorts of trouble.

Reaction: This book would be really fun for 10 and 11 year olds, especially boys. It’s made up of lots of 4-6 page stories featuring Franklin and his robot nanny, H.E.R.B.I.E., getting in and out of trouble around their home in New York. Each story is fun, quick and easy to read, so kids with short attention spans can easily pick it up and put it down without having to worry about losing the thread of a long story. Franklin’s adventures are fun and fantastical, and H.E.R.B.I.E. is a terrific character who provides plenty of laughs for adults reading.

Eliopoulos’s art reminds me a lot of Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, which gives the stories a fun, weekly adventure feel. The illustrations are fun and joyful, and it is clear that Eliopoulos enjoys his job.

The stories do get a little repetitive (I actually didn’t read all of them), but original enough that I think kids would be able to enjoy them. Plus, the format allows for easy reading and rereading of one or two favorite stories, which is valuable even if kids don’t read every story.

Media Used: Ink and brush on 2-ply bristol board.

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