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Timeless Thomas by Gene Barretta

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Barretta, G. (2012). Timeless Thomas: how Thomas Edison changed our lives. New York: Henry Holt and Company. ISBN: 9780805091083

Annotation: Gene Barretta takes readers on a fun tour of how Thomas Edison’s many inventions are still influencing modern life.

Reaction: I read this book in the hopes of using it for my LIBR271A-Picture Books for Older Readers class, but the text is clearly geared towards a younger audience than that class. It’s a great book for 1st-3rd graders, though. It introduces readers to Thomas Edison, his determined spirit, and some of his inventions, as well as showing how those inventions are still being used today. Barretta also includes some fun facts about Edison, like how he had a pet bear cub for awhile!

The art is colorful and cheery, and I love Barretta’s people. They remind me of characters from old cartoons, none of which I can think of now, of course. Though, once I knew he’s done some work with the Jim Henson Company, that’s all I could see. This is a good thing. I love everything from Jim Henson, and I think his experiences working with them positively influences his illustrations (or possibly the other way around!).

Media Used: Watercolor on Arches cold-press paper.

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