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Here Come the Girl Scouts! by Shana Corey

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Corey, S., & Hooper, H. (ill.) (2012). Here come the girl scouts! the amazing all-true story of Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low and her great adventure. New York: Scholastic Press. ISBN: 9780545342780

Annotation: Daisy wants adventure. She also wants to make a difference in the world. When she founds the American Girl Scouts, she accomplishes both, and inspires other girls to do the same.

Reaction: Yay strong, sassy ladies!

I wasn’t a Girl Scout, so I wasn’t sure how interested I would be in a book about the founder of that organization. Thankfully, she’s fantastic! I love that she didn’t allow her disability (hard of hearing) to shape her life or keep her from following her passion. I love the message that her story sends to girls (and all kids, really) about doing what you love and finding a way to make a difference in the world. I love that she wanted to find a way to make it acceptable for girls to have adventures and do all the same things boys did. She sounds like a wonderful woman who would have been a delight to know. I love the use of the emphatic text in colors that match the pictures of words that describe Daisy and her gumption! And I love the somewhat random facts included in the story, like that Daisy forged her own gate for her house! Who does that?! Daisy does.

The art in this looks like the colors were sponge painted onto the illustrations; they’re very dappled and give the pictures sort of an aged feel to them. The colors are all sort of muted shades, like brick red, sage green and periwinkle blue. The illustrations are lively and funny. I love that all the animals gathered around the campfire scene have big, wide open, white eyes, as if they’re listening to the Girl Scouts campfire songs and stories. I also love how started the owl looks in that picture. I think my favorite illustration, though, which made me laugh out loud when I saw it, was of the girls learning how to “cure a ham,” with a picture of a pig with a thermometer in his mouth, holding an ice pack to his head.

Media Used: Traditional paint, ink and printmaking techniques, then scanned and assembled in Photoshop.

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