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Cat Burglar Black

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Image from Goodreads

Sala, R. (2009). Cat burglar black. New York: First Second. ISBN: 9781596431447

Annotation: When K arrives at the Bellsong Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, where her long lost aunt is dean, she discovers something strange: there are only three other students and the only classes teach you how to be a world class cat burglar.

Reaction: This book was so much fun to read! I really enjoyed K and the adventures she had at Bellsong, and I immediately looked up the author to see if he had written a sequel. He left so many questions unanswered, and I want to read more about K’s quest to find the truth about her family and what happened to the other girls at Bellsong.

The art is cute and quirky. Evil people are ugly and evil looking, while the innocent have cherubic, trustful faces. Sala makes excellent use of color which catches the eye. He does not venture outside the panels, which have a regular, even flow.

Media Used: None listed.

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