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Ballywhinney Girl by Eve Bunting

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Image from Goodreads

Bunting, E., & McCully, E. A. (ill.) (2012). Ballywhinney Girl. Boston: Clarion Books. ISBN: 9780547558431

Annotation: While cutting peat for the kitchen fire, a young girl and her grandfather uncover a 1,000 year old mummy. When the mummy is whisked off to a museum, the girl must come to terms with her feelings about the discovery.

Reaction: This book would be a great introduction for 5th graders to mummies outside of Egypt, and a class could use this as a starting point to study the science of the mummification process and how mummification might occur naturally.

I love the pen lines of the illustrations, their crispness and the way they provide shape and definition to the watercolors. The illustrations of the imagined life of the Ballywhinney Girl are particularly beautiful, misty and romantic.

Media Used: Watercolor and pen and ink

Author’s Website: None

Illustrator’s Website


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