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Animalia by Graeme Base

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Image from Goodreads

Base, G. (1987). Animalia. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc. ISBN: 9780810918689

Annotation: This alphabet book offers pages detailed pictures that all start with the same letter and silly sentences full of alliteration.

Reaction: An alphabet book may seem too young for our target audience, but this is a book for those 10-12 year olds who loved Base’s other books, like The Eleventh Hour and The Sign of the Seahorse. Kids will have fun naming all the different things “of a kind” Base has included in his illustrations, many of which only older readers will be able to identify; Base even includes delightfully nerdy references in his illustrations, such as a Dalek and the Doctor from Doctor Who and the Enterprise from Star Trek: the Next Generation. To make the reading experience even more fun, he has included an illustration of himself in each picture for a rousing game of “Where’s Graeme?” Sometimes, he’s easy to spot, and sometimes, the readers have to work a bit to find him. The art is richly detailed and beautifully colored and is sure to delight and amuse readers of all ages.

Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a wonderful, almost nonsensical sentence of alliteration

Media Used: None listed, but it seems likely that he used acrylic paint as in The Eleventh Hour, given the similarities of the illustrations in the two books.

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