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Seriously, you should totally read this.

Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi

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Kibuishi, K. (2008). Amulet: book one: the stonekeeper. New York: Graphix. ISBN: 9780439846806

Annotation: When her mother is kidnapped by a monster in their new home, a girl must use a magic amulet she discovered in her great-grandfather’s abandoned laboratory to reunite the family.

Reaction: This was a fun fantasy adventure graphic novel. I like how Kibuishi emphasized the importance of family, and I’m looking forward to reading Book Two, which I already have checked out from the library. The prologues of this book was heartbreaking, and I had to set it down for a minute to collect myself. And go hug my husband.

The art reminds me of an animated cartoon, and I liked Kibuishi’s use of color, particularly the way the robot helpers (and other fantasy elements) are more brightly colored than the kids. Also, his monsters are sort of terrifying, though I sort of expected that first shadow monster thing to be a friendly sort of monster.

Media Used: Pen and ink pages are scanned and colored in Photoshop.

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