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On the Coral Reefs by Sneed B. Collard III

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Collard III, S. B. (2006). On the Coral Reefs. New York: Benchmark Books. ISBN: 0761419535

Annotation: This is an exploration of the beauty of coral reefs and the special relationships that inhabit it. Dr. Grutter and other marine biologists share their research and knowledge in this informative book.

Reaction: Collard gives readers a close-up look at the beautiful and mysterious coral reef. The color photos are arranged and utilized effectively to showcase the importance of the reef and the role that it plays with the fishes that inhabit it. Additional information is discussed about global warming and how it affects the coral reef. Readers will be able to comprehend challenging vocabulary by referring to the glossary. Collard uses the images of specific sea life that inhabit the reef with vivid descriptions and well written words. The author provides useful tips on how to take action to help preserve and protect the coral reefs towards the end of the book. Not only is this book pleasing to the eye, it is engaging to read. This book is suitable for upper elementary and middle school students learning about life science.

This book is part of Assignment 2: 5th Grade Science.

Media Used: Photography: Corbis; Minden Pictures; Photo Research Inc.; & NCDC. Series Design by Ann Scatto/PIXEL PRESS. Photo Research by Linda Sykes Picture Research Inc. Hilton Head, S.C.

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