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Next Stop Neptune: Experiencing the Solar System by Alvin Jenkins

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Jenkins, A., & Jenkins, S. (ill.) (2004). Next Stop Neptune: Experiencing the solar system. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. ISBN: 061841603X

Annotation: Author Alvin Jenkins and illustrator Steve Jenkins take readers on a journey to the solar system. Readers will learn about the planets, the moons, comets and many other interesting things about the solar system.

Reaction: The book Next Stop Neptune: Experiencing the Solar System by Alvin Jenkins does a superb job instructing and supporting the teaching of the solar system. The book is a useful tool for educators as it provides simple yet reliable illustrations and information on the solar system. For example, both the author and illustrator give readers a better understand to the size between the planets and the sun on page 5- 6 by scaling down a solar system model to household items. These are tangible items which are easily accessible and can be presented to 5th graders as a supplementary activity. The only critique concerning the book’s information is regarding Pluto. The publishing company and author need to update the changing information concerning this dwarf planet. Yet the inaccurate information on Pluto can be used to introduce Science Standard Set 6 – Investigation and Experiment.

This book was a part of Assignment 2: 5th grade Science

Media Used: Collages of cut and torn paper

Author’s Website: None

Illustrator’s Website


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