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Lightning: Nature’s Fury by John Hamilton

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Hamilton, J. (2006). Lightning: Nature’s fury. Minneapolis, MN: ABDO Publishing Company. ISBN: 1596793325

Annotation: This is a book on the science of lightning. It provides details on different kinds of lightning, how lightning is formed, and how to stay safe during a lightning storm.

Reaction: Hamilton does a good job educating the reader all about lightning. The “real life” account of a lightning injury helps bring awareness to the dangers of lightning storms. Hamilton’s explanation of how lightning is formed and the different kinds of lightning is clear and easy to understand. The pictures are strategically placed to give added details and enhance comprehension. Most of the images are actual photographs of lightning. Technical terminologies are featured throughout the book with their meaning. This book is useful for upper elementary and middle school students in the area of science.

This book is part of Assignment 2: 5th Grade Science

Media Used: Photography: AP/Wide World Phot; Corbis, Digital Stock; John Hamilton; Mary Evans Picture Lib.; Photospin; NASA; NOAA

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