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Into the Volcano by Don Wood

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Wood, D. (2008). Into the volcano. New York: The Blue Sky Press. ISBN: 9780439726719

Annotation: Two brothers are taken against their will into an active volcano. During the expedition, they escape their guides and must find their own way out of the volcano before it violently explodes.

Reaction: This is a fun graphic novel adventure story set on a fictional island similar to Hawaii. While this story is fiction and includes some fantasy elements, one of the characters provides the brothers with an explanation of how volcanoes form island chains like Hawaii. This book would be an excellent choice to use alongside a lesson plan regarding volcanoes and plate tectonics. The story is fun enough to keep students’ attention and could be used to encourage classroom discussion about how the earth’s plates shift. The author’s website also has a mini comic which talks about how Wood came up with the idea of the book and goes a little deeper into the science of volcanoes.

This book was part of Assignment 2: 5th Grade Science.

Media Used: None listed

Author’s Website


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