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Extreme Weather by Kathleen Simpson

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Simpson, K. (2008). National Geographic Investigates: Extreme Weather: Science Tackles Global Warming and Climate Change.. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781426303593

Annotation: Hurricanes, droughts, and blizzards are just some examples of extreme weather. The National Geographic Investigates takes a look at the research and technology used today to help predict how climate change will affect the future.

Reaction: Simpson does an incredible job at describing ways that scientists are studying the change in climate and weather. It is a fascinating exploration into the extreme weather of dust, El Nino, and hurricanes to name a few. The beginning chapter introduces a timeline of historical weather events from 1870’s to 2010. Readers will gain knowledge on the “greenhouse effect” and the “ozone layer”. Towards the end of the chapter, there is a Q & A portion of the book that gives readers an opportunity to learn about a meteorologist. There are several pictures and images that assist in giving the expert’s views on the types of extreme weather. The photographs are very impressive. Real photos are placed strategically to maximize understanding and show what the climate changes and extreme weather can look like. Additional side notes are scattered throughout the chapters, which provides a refreshing new insight. The extensive glossary helps readers understand the technical vocabulary. Simpson ends the book with actual predictions of what to expect in the future of the forecast. For an example, new technology has made a way to compare what weather was like 1,000 years ago and how it is today. This book is appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students studying the science of weather.

This book is part of Assignment 2: 5th Grade Science.

Media Used: Photography: Corbis Sygma; Photos from AP; NSSL; NASA; NWS; NOAA; & NASDA

Author’s Website: None


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