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Chiggers by Hope Larson

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Larson, H. (2008). Chiggers. New York: Ginee Seo Books. ISBN: 9781416935841

Annotation: Abby returns to summer camp and discovers the friendships she cultivated the year before have changed. Abby feels left out and, while showing the strange new girl around, learns what it means to be a good friend.

Reaction: I think this is a book that will really speak to 12-14 year old girls who are going through puberty and navigating the transition to junior high and then high school. Larson really captures the early teen experiences of being lonely, feeling like you don’t really fit in with anyone, trying to make and maintain friends and developing your first crush. This book covers it all, and lets readers know that they’re not the only one with all those Feelings.

Larson has a very distinct artistic style with lots of fluid lines, high contrast, lots of emotion expressed through the characters’ large eyes and through the changing forms of the word bubbles. She also uses lovely, looping cursive (similar to what is used on her website) to label places (“Abby’s bunk”) and times (“lunch”).

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