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Arctic Lights Arctic Nights by Debbie S. Miller

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Miller, D. S., & Van Zyle, J. (ill.) (2003). Arctic Lights Arctic Nights. New York: Walker & Company. ISBN: 0802788572

Annotation: Looking at one day per month, Alaskan native Miller notes the amount of daylight and describes what the light, weather and animal life is like during that time of year.

Reaction: The paintings in this book gorgeously illustrate the descriptions of the different kinds of light experienced by Alaska. Miller writes about many phenomena not found in the rest of the world, such as the aurora borealis and sun dogs, which is a reflection of the sun formed in clouds on either side of the sun. She includes a glossary at the end of the book, providing a more in depth explanation for the science terms used. This book would complement lessons about the changing seasons and how the tilt of the earth affects parts of the world differently.

This book was part of Assignment 2: 5th Grade Science.

Media Used: Acrylic on Masonite panels

Author’s Website

Illustrator’s Website


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