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Personal Skillz, I Has Them

So … Personal skills. Teamwork. Fun times, for sure.

As I was looking over all the information about personal skills for online learning and tips for success and the videos about teamwork success, I had to wonder a little if I’m really ready for all this.

Based on the SJSU Is Online Right For You? assessment, I’m feeling sort of okay with everything. I’ve got steps 4 and 5 down, but step 1? Time Management? That’s the biggie. That’s the skill that’s going to determine how well I actually do in this program, and it’s the one I am the most insecure about.

After I dropped out of the Pitt MLIS program, I really hoped to get into a program that had regular, in person classes. I learned that the online environment isn’t necessarily the best fit for me, and I wanted the opportunity to show up for classes at a set time every week and take notes from a live lecture and absorb information in the traditional way. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t meant to be, and I’m taking steps to handle my time effectively and be productive and successful in this program.

I honestly feel that step 2: Organizational Skills and step 3: Self Motivation will all stem from success with Time Management. As long as I’m following through on going to the library every day and setting aside that afternoon time when I get off work for sitting in front of my computer and doing homework, the rest should just all fall into place. It will be a WORK and a FIGHT to do it everyday, I know, especially because I know there are going to be days where all I want to do is nap or when I have errands I need to run or chores to take care of at home. I just have to remember that doing this and doing it well take precedence over silly things like sleep or a clean house.

I do have a bit of an advantage having already been through an online program before, so I already know what my greatest weaknesses are going to be, and I can start classes with a plan of attack in place to combat those weaknesses. I already know that I get distracted really easily and will happily find other things to do in order to put off homework, so I get away from home. I get away from the TV and the dirty dishes and my comfy bed, and I sit in a super uncomfortable chair at the library where the distractions are significantly fewer. Now, I just need to work on avoiding internet distractions.

As far as all the teamwork stuff goes, I have been THAT team member, the one everyone hates, and you know what? IT SUCKS. It sucks for my team members, and it sucks for me. I hate being that person, and I already know that I have no desire to be in that position again. I’ve already decided, before classes even really get going, that I’m going to ROCK the Teamwork Attitude.

Even though I do have some of the Teamwork Fears that Enid Irwin points out in “The Monster Inside Library School”, I’m not going to let those fears dictate my teamwork experience. I mean, yeah, I’m concerned that I’ll have nothing to contribute or that I’ll get it completely WRONG, but it’s time for me to put on my big girl panties and just do it. Like Irwin said, library school is a SAFE environment for me to practice my teamwork skills and grow in leadership roles, and as long as I’m trying my hardest and being present for my teams and LEARNING from the entire experience, well, then I guess I’m probably gonna do okay.